Solving the UK’s Young People Crisis Requires a Change in Attitude

On a daily basis we are faced with the same rhetoric: Young people in the UK don’t have the skills required to be successful; and that upskilling is key to addressing youth unemployment. Read more

Businesses Must Create Environments Where Young People Can Thrive

I first met Martine about six years ago. She was unemployed and regularly in trouble with the law. The truth is she had lost her way and needed some guidance. A few weeks ago our paths crossed again; and what a transformation. Read more

We Must Confront The Epidemic Of Youth Loneliness

As a nation, we seem able to talk openly about the issue of loneliness amongst the elderly, however as a society a degree of discomfort still exists when applied to young people. Read more

Rio Can Deliver a Lasting Legacy to the UK Economy

Genetics, social background or simply born brilliance: what is it that allows someone to compete on the biggest sporting stage of all? The truth: it’s none of the above. Read more