Our Go The Extra Mile is about challenging yourself to go FURTHER or FASTER!

A virtual race is a race that can be done at any location. You can walk, use the treadmill, run outside, participate in another race, even cycle, skip or swim!  You can take on your challenge at your pace anywhere in the world.

Sign up between April and August and then Go The Extra Mile in effort this October!

  • Step 1

    Sign Up


     Sign up to the race by clicking the button below and start your journey towards earning yourself our Go The Extra Mile  medal!

  • Step 2


    You can complete your virtual challenge on your own or with friends and family, at home, in the park, along the beach or in the gym/pool – essentially you can compete anywhere in the world!

    Your pace is individual to you and you will earn your medal for completing whatever your speed. You can even walk your challenge without the fear of crowds at the beginning or at the point in your race when you really could do with that 2 second pause.

  • Step 3


    Go back to the Virtual Runner website during October with your proof. They accept many forms of proof, as long as they can see you have completed the FURTHER or FASTER challenge, they're happy. Examples include Garmin photos, app screenshots, fitbit stats, parkrun times etc.

  • Step 4


    Your results will then be uploaded to the league table so you can compete with like-minded challengers. A few days later, you will receive your well-deserved bling in the post!

This challenge is open to anyone, anywhere.

From young children through to grandparents, it's you against you, at your pace.

Everyone can Go The Extra Mile to make a difference to the lives of

young people facing disadvantage.

Choose from:

Setting your distance and achieving a FASTER time on your second time out!


Set your time for your challenge and achieve a FURTHER distance on your second time out!

Set yourself two challenges during October 2017 travelling under your own steam - walk, run, skip, cycle, wheelchair or swim - and then Go The Extra Mile in effort!

Sign up to our first virtual event and make a difference today!