Layton's Story

"Seeing what Layton has achieved for himself over the course of this programme has been brilliant." Read more

Andrew's Story

Before attending Get on Track, Andrew lacked confidence. By the end of the programme he had secured a job within the retail industry. Read more

Katie's Story

The Trust is very different to other charities. They’re not just giving you handouts, they’re equipping you for real life. Read more

Martine's Story

I put myself in care at a young age, I’d been in trouble with the police. It was easier just to get drunk with my friends and have a laugh… Read more

Dale's story

"If I hadn’t met Grant that day in the job centre, I wouldn’t be doing what I am today, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to start my business." Read more

Jodie's Story

"I never thought someone that I had just met would think to give someone like me a second chance." Read more

Nathan's Story

Before I attended Get on Track I was depressed, estranged from my family and self harming. I hated everything about me. Read more

Hannah’s story

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and Get On Track made me a better person, it made me realise I can truly make a difference in the world. Read more

Jessica's Story

I suffer badly from social anxiety but through Get on Track my self-esteem and confidence have improved Read more

Rhiannon's Story

"Before doing Get on Track I wasn’t really doing anything with my life. Now I have the confidence and motivation to do so much more" Read more