Nicole's Story

"From joining the programme until now, I have got a lot more confidence in myself, I've learned how to lead and plan a session." Read more

Jordan's Story

"If I didn't attend the Young Leader training programme I wouldn't be near enough as good a youth worker as I am today." Read more

Kelsey's Story

This course has given me a real opportunity to go beyond my comfort zone and help with my confidence. Read more

Mitch's Story

Get on Track has been a great experience for me and has really helped me focus as well as develop my life in the right direction Read more

Shamika's Story

Before Get on Track I was homeless and feeling really isolated. Now I have qualifications, a new job and a place to stay. Read more

Kyle's Story

I learned loads of things on the programme and it helped my confidence. I really don’t think I’d have a job today if it wasn’t for Get on Track. Read more

Luke's Story

If anyone is thinking about whether to do a programme like this I would say ‘Just do it.’ You might miss out on a great opportunity. Read more

Amy's Story

As a single Mum, Amy was lonely - but after attending Get on Track she now has an ‘I can do’ mindset and is studying again. Read more

Alan's Story

He’s already a better youth worker than me and better than anyone I have worked with in thirty-five years’ football coaching experience. Read more

Andrew's Story

Before attending Get on Track, Andrew lacked confidence. By the end of the programme he had secured a job within the retail industry. Read more