Since launching in 2008, we’ve reached over 300,000 young people (aged 14-25) from diverse backgrounds and supported over 400 athletes.

Because of this, we understand the complex factors which can prevent young people facing disadvantage and athletes from leading fulfilling lives.

Our unique team of athletes – called our GiveBack team – are supported to realise how their attitudes from the sports arena are of great value beyond sport. They have trained to deliver transformational and inspirational support to young people facing disadvantage.

They help cultivate and grow key attitudes (focus, resilience, motivation, confidence and determination) as the outcomes of success in young people.

We use world class athletes in every programme we run as they have the energy, optimism, experience and capabilities to unlock the positive attitudes in others. Not only does this help young people and society but also supports athletes through their own challenges and into a life beyond sport.

There’s no other organisation that focuses on providing a long term support mechanism for these athletes to develop from their sport and utilise their exceptional attitudes to benefit others in the community.

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