I didn’t have much, qualifications wise, so I didn’t have the best CV… a lot of people looked at it and just threw it away. The painting and decorating apprenticeship scheme I signed up straight after school just didn’t work out. I just kind of got bored of it.

When I first started the Get on Track course I was pretty nervous, it was a group of people that I had never met before but within a couple of weeks it was really good. The athletes, the tutors were really good. They were really nice and really supportive and was always there to guide us.

Since attending the course I feel like I have matured and my confidence has gone up. I’ve pushed myself further and I now know I can go that extra mile and if it doesn’t work out I can say that I went for it and it’s the best I could have done.

The athletes are there for you all the way through, from the start right through to the very end – it’s an amazing thing to get, you don’t get that a lot nowadays.

Dame Kelly Holmes was one of the people I’ve watched my whole life and one of the people I got inspiration from was her. If you want it that much you can get it, just like she proved. You can see what difference that makes for the young people.