Before the programme I was doing college and spending a lot of time at home. I wanted to get out more, but I wasn’t confident speaking with people and didn’t like trying new things. I really wasn’t sure where I was heading in the future.

I’ve always liked sport and, it makes me happy and gives me a reason to not be bored at home. Even before the Get on Track I used to go swimming twice per week for the town club but had stopped, and I also attended trampoline once a week recreationally.

Since starting Get on Track I have increased the amount of sport I do, I go swimming again now and also found the confidence to join a new club which meets once a week to do mixed sport sessions – I’m really enjoying it.

Working with the athletes such as Dave Hill and Rich Parker has made the course more fun and the stories that the athletes told were really interesting. The athletes helped make me feel more confident which was great.

One of the things I learned most on the programme were employment skills through the CV construction session and the mock interviews. I had never had an interview before so it feels good now knowing what to expect when I have one for real.

My favourite part of the programme was definitely going away on the residential as it was a different and new experience. I really enjoyed trying new activities there especially the snowboarding as I’ve done anything like that before.

Overall the course has been really good, I wouldn’t change anything about the programme.  It’s made me more confident and better at talking to people.

I would like to continue to volunteer as a community champion through engagement with Wiltshire and Swindon Sport (WASP) and achieve my goal of becoming a swimming and sports coach.