Amy and her three younger siblings were raised by her mother after her father left when she was just six years old.  By her own admission, she had a challenging upbringing and subsequently became rebellious and found herself in trouble at school.  As a consequence, Amy left compulsory education with just one GCSE at grade C or above.

Since leaving school, Amy had her first child aged 18, and then had a second child aged 22, and she is currently a single Mum.  Now that both children are attending full time education, Amy took it upon herself to plan for the future and reengage in her studies.

Before coming on the Get on Track programme, Amy found she was spending most days at home, not engaging with other adults and feeling quite lonely.

“I have always been chatty, talkative but I’ve had to focus on family since leaving school.  My children have had to come first.  My confidence has been knocked, and I’ve not been able to put myself first”. 

When Amy first started Get on Track, she was lacking in ambition and openly said stated she wanted more ‘me time’.

During the course, Amy has found a new focus and recognised the need for this since both children are now at school. 

“I didn’t want to fall in to a routine of sitting around. I have ambitions to do something more that just being a Mum.  I want life to mean something and to make others proud.” 

Amy heard about the Get on Track programme through a friend and seized the opportunity.  She really enjoyed the fun elements of the course and being challenged to step out of her comfort zone and be pushed. 

“I loved the Team Building challenges and a chance to meet new friends.  I am more aware now of changing my mindset… I know have an I can rather than I can’t attitude”.

Amy now has direction and vision for the future.  She has signed up for a Health & Social Care course at Bridgend College.  Between now and then, her focus is on passing her driving test to increase her independence.  Amy also has an opportunity to become a 1-1 teaching support assistant with the New Direction Agency.

In addition to all of the above, Amy is getting out more, trying new things on a daily basis and continues to stretch herself beyond her comfort zone.

Huge thank you to Bridgend County Borough Council and players of the People’s Postcode Lottery for funding which enabled this programme to go ahead.