Before attending Get on Track in Newport, Andrew lacked confidence and struggled to voice his opinions. By the end of the programme he had secured a job within the retail industry.

On the first section of the programme, On Your Marks, Andrew was quiet but always got involved, regardless of which group he was put to work with. He did sometimes struggle to tolerate disruptive activity within the group but rather than express negative behaviour he would choose to retreat which often meant that his voice was not heard. He really embraced the variety of activities and enjoyed getting to work with different members of the group. One of Andrew’s biggest strengths was his adaptability and he excelled when he was placed in various groups as it enabled him to demonstrate different character traits and qualities which gave him a better understanding of his personality. This in turn allowed him the learning and opportunity to assist his personal development.

Andrew expressed his commitment to the course and desire to make positive changes by always being punctual and didn’t let any transport barriers negatively impact his attendance.

“I wasn’t sure about attending the course because I thought it would be all about sports and I didn’t think I’d like that - but it has been so much more and really enjoyable.”

Despite his concerns, Andrew still gave 100% to all the physical challenges and throughout the programme he learned to vocalise his thoughts, with confidence, in a positive manner and have a productive impact on whichever team he was working with.

As he became more comfortable with the group, Andrew gained the confidence to allow his caring and considerate side to come to the forefront and in return people respected his opinion which enabled him to embrace his role within the team. He developed a real sense of leadership and responsibility within the group and despite feeling at times as though certain tasks didn’t suit him he powered through because in his own words, he wanted to improve and give himself the best chance to find a job.

Andrew is an extremely reliable young man whose confidence grew throughout the project, he continually expressed a willingness to improve and learn from the start and was always open to new ideas and opportunities. Andrew’s commitment and positive attitude was rewarded as he managed to secure an employment position within the retail industry which he will begin on completion of the Get on Track programme.

It is a very deserved outcome for Andrew as he fully engaged with every opportunity that was offered, utilised every resource available and actively pursued the nutritional plans that were offered along with the physical activities to reflect a very productive and beneficial five weeks for him as an individual.


A huge thank you to GWR for providing funding and support for this programme.