We know world class athletes are a unique asset to society.

That’s why we harness the unique capabilities of athletes who exhibit the high performing attitudes and behaviours required at that level. With the right training and support, they will deliver a legacy to the community wherever they focus their capabilities. This benefits both athletes and the wider community.

Since the Trust was founded in 2008, we have supported over 600 athletes to successfully transition from their sporting careers. 

In January 2020 we announced the launch of the More than Medals Athlete Transition programme. Thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, the Trust will be supporting fifty world class athletes over the next two years to transition to a life beyond sport. 

Being a part of this fully funded programme gives athletes the opportunity to learn new skills and to gain a recognised qualification. It will help them to understand themselves and others and to craft their new identity. Additionally it will allows athletes to earn some additional money, give back to their communities and to support young people facing disadvantage.  We know from experience that this will support and greatly improve transition into life after sport.

Who is the More than Medals transition programme aimed at?

  • Athletes who are approaching retirement or have recently retired.
  • Athletes who are passionate about working with young people who face disadvantage in their lives
  • Athletes who open to learning and developing themselves

Recruitment Criteria 

  • An athlete who is on or has been on the World Class Programme or equivalent
  • Has competed at a senior level internationally for their country i.e. European, Commonwealth, World or Olympic Games
  • Has played professionally in the top league in their respective sports
  • Extreme sports - Competed at the highest level such as X games or equivalent

The commitment

Training is a blended approach, including face to face sessions and online modules.  The content covered is listed below and we would spread the training across the year, meaning that there will roughly be one face to face session per month.

Year 1

10.5 days of training (incl. 15 hours volunteering in impactful community programmes)

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults
  • Assessing Risk and Conducting Risk Assessments
  • Engaging Young People and Delivering Sessions
  • Public Speaking and Media Training
  • Trust Education Programmes
  • GDPR working principles
  • Trust Community Programmes
  • Athlete Volunteering – understanding my social value
  • Mental Health England First Aid qualification

Year 2 

22.5 days (incl. 8 days paid work)

  • ILM Accredited Level 5 in Mentoring and Coaching – University of Bath
  • Transferable Skills, Aspirations and Action Planning
  • Career Day
  • Celebration event
  • Working on the Trust’s young people programmes – athlete mentor and support athlete opportunities.

The More than Medals programme started in January 2020 and despite the current restrictions, is continuing at the current time. We'll be bringing you stories from the athletes involved over the months ahead, you can see a list of athletes involved here.