Over the coming weeks, the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust will be hosting our ‘Unlocking Performance – Bite Size Briefings’ webinar series led by our world-class athletes. Covering a range of topics, each webinar will provide you with a unique insight into the key attitudes and mindset that drive a world-class team and individual performance.

As we continue to adapt to the new norm of working remotely from colleagues, we hope that these sessions will stimulate new ideas and personal development, leaving you feeling motivated, energised and inspired to be better performing individuals and collective team members. The sessions all take place from 1 - 1.30pm and cover the following topics:

11 August – Resilience and Problem Solving
Delivered by Liz Johnson – Paralympic swimming champion

Resilience is a word which is being used more commonly than ever before – this webinar will allow you to understand resilience and its importance for reaching the top level of performance. The session will also touch upon problem solving and the best ways of overcoming this.

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25 August – Wellbeing 
Delivered by Fontaine Wright - ex England no. 1 badminton player

This bitesize introduction to well-being and stress tolerance will encourage you to self-reflect and provide you with strategies which you can apply within your everyday life.

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8th September – Goal Setting
Delivered by Dave Hill – Paralympic swimmer

By goal setting we are able to determine our priorities and focus our attention. This webinar will discuss the benefits of creating goals in order to reach high performance and how to apply this within your workplace and everyday life.

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22nd September – Communication and Teamwork
Delivered by Claire Bennett – Commonwealth fencing champion

Communication and Teamwork are key to world-class success. This bitesize introduction to communication and teamwork will help you to understand effective communication and how to apply this remotely. The session will challenge your practices and identify areas of development and opportunity.

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What we witness from world-class athletes is much more than a display of sporting excellence, instead it’s a lesson in the art of high performance.