Before I attended the Get on Track programme I wasn’t really doing much with my life. I suffered from really bad depression and anxiety and so I was always at home on my own, eating loads and not doing any exercise. I didn’t feel I had any good friends to talk to so I became a bit anti-social, often just staying in my room and watching anime and stuff.

The Get on Track programme really helped me get my confidence back and I made loads of new friends that I still have to this day. I don’t suffer as much with anxiety anymore and not being scared to walk out my own front door felt amazing. I also lost loads of weight while on the programme.

I signed up for the Community Champions programme because it sounded really interesting and I have always wanted to something in my community to make it a better place and this looked like it would give me the opportunity to do so. On the programme you work with an athlete mentor and I worked with Neil Danns. Working with Neil was amazing as he never gave up on me when I hit a block on what to do, he also pushed me when I needed pushing but he would give me a few good options I could do if I couldn't think of anything which helped me a lot.  He was also there if I needed to talk about anything but most of all he made me laugh a lot which helped me feel at ease. It was also great working with Youth Fed as they really helped me a lot as well.  They gave me practical support, for example help with travel and lunch as I struggled a bit with money at the time but also they helped in other ways like when they  brought in people to help with my public speaking. I tend to be a bit quiet when I speak so they taught me how to speak in a clear tone so people could hear me better when I talked.

I had been bullied for four and a half years and I wanted to turn something negative into something positive. On Community Champions we deliver a social action project so I decided to deliver an anti-bullying project, I thought if I can make young people aware of the dangers bullying has on people then they would change their minds about bullying people. I was already helping out at the Hive Youth Zone and I wanted to make it a place where people could feel safe so it seemed like the perfect place to do it.  I got Bullying UK involved by following them  on twitter and then sending them a message to ask them how can I get in touch with them as I am doing a social action project on bullying and if they could give me any information I could use. Bullying UK really helped me by giving me the information I needed and also the emotional support as I was still suffering from past experiences of bullying.The Hive were really helpful as well, helping me get everything I needed posted onto social media to get it out to the young people. 

Doing my very first session was scary as I didn't know what to expect but I put that feeling away and got on with it as I knew I could do it because I had planned for everything up to this point.  Plus I wasn't alone in feeling this way as I knew the young people would be nervous too as some of them didn't know me. It went really well and I’ve been asked to deliver more anti-bullying sessions at the Hive since then.

Since doing the Community Champions programme, my confidence has really gone up.  I felt amazing after finishing it as I got to pass good information off to the young people involved and helped make their lives better. My feelings today are still a bit all over the place but I still try to give the young people the best smile I can to show them that life still goes on but you can make a change for the better. 

I’m really interested in photography and I’m off to college next year to study it and hopefully one day I’ll have my own photography business. For now I’m doing more voluntary work at the Hive, getting involved with media projects with the young people there and I’m also attending a course with the Prince’s Trust to help build up my confidence even more.