Back at the end of June, I was invited to attend the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust Team Day. I was attending the event to represent the Trust as a youth ambassador as well as to do promotion for the Trust’s Youth Panel.

The day began with great anticipation. I was very nervous, as this was my first time attending a Trust Team Day. I’d heard a lot of good things about the event through my previous volunteer work at the Trust.

After a train journey up to London and a short walk later I arrived at the venue. Within moments of entering I recognised the people around me, fellow staff from the Trust running the event. At the check-in desk I picked up my welcome pack, consisting of a tote bag, a t-shirt, a notebook & pen, a program/booklet as well as a lanyard with a schedule of the day’s events.

I changed into the Trust t-shirt and then began to mingle with everyone who’d already arrived. With a cup of tea & a pastry in tow I soon met two fellow members of the Youth Panel, Scott & Curtis. We got talking about our stories and how the Trust has helped us. Eventually myself & many others in attendance got seated in the auditorium, ready for the Team Day to begin.

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust ‘Team Day’ is an annual event which brings businesses, athletes & young people (who’ve been impacted by the Trust’s programmes) together to take part in various activities & team-building workshops, as well as reflect on the Trust’s work from the past year and look forward to what the Trust can do in the future.

You can read more about the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust Team Day here

After the opening introductions by Dame Kelly Holmes & Emma Atkins (former CEO of the Trust), we were separated into groups and went off to do different activities.

During the day I was whisked away to film a video interview to launch the Trust’s Youth Panel. As well as being an ambassador for the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, I’m now a member of their Youth Panel.

The Youth Panel is a group made up of young people across the UK who’ve previously been on the Trust’s programmes. The members of the Youth Panel are given the opportunity to help shape the future of the Trust and it’s programmes, as well as representing the Trust at events.

You can read more about the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust Youth Panel here and you can watch my video interview I filmed on the day here

At this point in the day I was still feeling rather anxious and overwhelmed by it all. However this soon changed when I met Dame Kelly Holmes (and this wasn’t the first time I’d met her either). Whilst at a media photo-shoot for the Trust and People’s Postcode Lottery, Kelly noticed me awkwardly standing by myself & called me over to have a chat with her. Within moments I felt more relaxed, it’s as if she sensed my nervousness and knew what I was going through.

After doing the video interview, the media photo-shoot & taking part in Team Day activities there was a break for lunch. Whilst having lunch I had the chance to chat with some people also attending the Team Day about my story, how the Trust has had an impact on my life and the work I’m doing now.

During the lunch period one of my Youth Panel colleagues found a leaflet with my picture on it. A leaflet that was being handed out to hundreds of people at a business conference. I was a little surprised at first, but then I found it rather cool that my face was on something - you can see a picture of the leaflet here

Once lunch was finished we continued the afternoon of activities, myself and my fellow Youth Panel members had a workshop where we got to know each other, took part in team activities and got thinking about what outcomes & opportunities we all wanted from being part of the Youth Panel.

As the Team Day came to a close all the groups came back together for one last event; a balloon battle. (Yes, you heard me right!) The groups were pitched against each other in the final task that would test their team-working skills to the limit. After a great battle one group won, showing their ability to work as a team and was crowned Trust Champion.

The Team Day finished with everyone reflecting on the skills they’d learned and how they would implement them into their workplaces and their lives.

As I travelled back home, I had a chance to reflect upon my experience of Team Day. I started off being extremely nervous and overwhelmed, yet left feeling positive and inspired.

I had a great day meeting & working with my fellow Youth Panel members, doing media/video interviews and telling people my story & how the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust has made a difference in my life.

A massive thank you goes out to Dame Kelly Holmes, Emma Atkins (Former CEO), Ben Hilton (Director of Programmes) and all the staff at the Trust for supporting me. I’m eternally grateful for their kindness & support, I hope to be a great ambassador for the Trust and the Youth Panel today and in the years to come.