Prior to the Get on Track programme starting, Caitlyn had dropped out of college and was in a situation where she really wasn’t doing anything with her time. Caitlyn was referred to the programme through our delivery partners Face Forward and hoped it would help her to improve her confidence and get her in a work mindset.

Caitlyn said the programme really helped her by pushing her out of her comfort zone and showing her it’s OK to try. Early in the programme the group undertake activities that stretch and challenge them and help form a tight bond within the group.

One of the highlights of the programme for Caitlyn was the high ropes course that was part of this section. It was a massive challenge for her to complete it, but she managed to do the whole thing and learnt that even if things are scary at first, they do get better, as she said, “It was terrifying, but I did it!”

She feels her confidence has massively improved and it’s also helped her anxiety. The programme helped her to learn to be consistent by coming in every day even on days when she didn’t feel like it.

Caitlyn said she really enjoyed the team building activities and games and found them really useful with building her confidence around other people. When asked about her experience with the athletes Caitlyn said, “The athletes were brilliant, they were really supportive and encouraging and I found it easy to relate to them and their experiences.”

Rich Parker, her athlete mentor said:

There were times when things were tough for Caitlyn, both at the course and away from it, but her attitude was amazing, she was always willing to keep going and try her best, whilst also trying to help those around her. Caitlyn was a real credit to the course and I'm 100% sure she has a great future ahead of her.

When asked about what she has learnt through her time on Get on Track Caitlyn said,

I am capable of doing more than I think and I have learnt to trust myself and others.

It’s brilliant news that following the programme, Caitlyn has been accepted on a floristry course at college starting in September. In preparation for this, Caitlyn has already begun volunteering at a local florist each week and is really enjoying it and feeling positive about her future.

This project is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund.