Before Get on Track started, I wasn’t really doing much at all, this opportunity came up and I thought it was too good to turn down. I decided to sign up because it was something I’d never done before – knowing that I would have to speak to a bunch of people I’d never met before seemed like a big stepping stone for me if I could do it. I originally just accepted the opportunity just to get up and do something but then it became something I was looking forward to weekly.

Attending the programmes was very nerve wracking at first. Leading up to that first session, I wasn’t fully sure what to expect and if I’d need my camera and microphone on at all times, but after the first session I could see it was a very welcoming and comfortable environment. It was nice to be able to talk to everyone more than anything. During the week I’d really not talk to many people other than my family, so it made a nice change.

Over the course of the programme, I feel I gained leadership skills as well as developing my teamwork and communication skills, especially communicating with a group. Each week we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones a bit more and each week I surprised myself as to how far I had come…

For our social action project we organised a clean-up of the Porthcawl Harbour. I played quite a big part in this, working out where the most affected places would be, what equipment we’d need in order to do this and who we’d need to contact to get it all arranged.

It was an amazing opportunity working with my athlete mentor Liz. I remember her talking about her past experiences, from the beginning to where she ended up. We had a lot of inspiring conversations and it showed that with hard work and determination you can really get where you want to be.

Liz Johnson, athlete mentor:
Cam was very tentative at the beginning of the programme and clearly anxious about participating but his communication was always open and honest which enabled us to create an environment that he felt safe enough to challenge himself. From there he went from strength to strength and became a key participant in the group, I'm so proud of the way that Cam committed to this program and the progress he has made in the time that we have known him.

The highlight of the programme for me would have to be the mock interviews we did towards the end of the programme. My athlete mentor Liz and Mari prepped us leading up to it. I think before I started this programme, I would have point blank refused to do it, but my confidence grew week on week and as it turned out I was fine doing it. It was a really rewarding exercise and completing this helped my confidence to grow as well.

Before the programme started I was offered a job but I didn’t feel ready to start it. Recently the same opportunity came up again and with the confidence and skills I gained on the programme, I felt able to take it now and currently work 20 hours a week at Porthcawl Golf Course.

I would absolutely recommend this programme to anyone, it’s been amazing from beginning to end. My confidence grew in every aspect, it improved many of my skills and overall it gave me a real mental boost.

 This Get on Track for Employability programme was made possible thanks to funding from Bridgend County Borough Council.