Caradh has been a Kickboxer for the past two decades and has represented Ireland for over fifteen years at senior level.

Having won multiple World Kickboxing Cups, World and European Championships, Caradh was suddenly struck down with serious illness. After many months she was diagnosed with Crohns Disease - a debilitating illness, Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that may affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract. Ultimately she was forced to take a lengthy break from her sport.
She made her successful come back at a WAKO World Cup the following year by winning Gold and reclaiming her position as one of the best kickboxers in the world. Caradh manages this chronic illness while still competing for Ireland at the highest level in kickboxing.

In 2017 WKF Karate was included in the Olympic Programme for Tokyo 2020 so Caradh switched disciplines to focus on this. After two months in the sport Caradh won the Senior National Championships in Ireland and has since gone on to become a member of the Irish Karate Squad. She has embarked upon an international Karate career with a bronze medal at her first international event and is now preparing to progress in this sport in the same way she did in kickboxing.

Caradh mentors and coaches young people in kickboxing and physical activity and also engages in public speaking as an advocate for Crohns Disease and living with hidden illnesses.

Giving Back

Caradh was an Athlete Mentor with the Sky Sports Living For Sport Programme until its end in August of 2017. She set up a Kickboxing based programme in conjunction with Dublin City Partnership and currently delivers this to young people across the city of Dublin. It is essentially a kickboxing and social justice programme targeting severely at risk youths in order to educate them about risks to drug abuse, crime etc via a sports programme. Caradh is extremely keen to give back from all that she has benefited from sport over the years.

She believes that young people need more positive role models that they can relate to from a range of sports and this is something she aims to do where she can.

Kickboxing t tends to be very popular with disadvantaged youths due to its low cost and so Caradh will often coach in her local club whenever she has some spare time to give back to her sport.

Competitive Record

  • 2017 WAKO World Kickboxing Cup (Ireland) Gold Medallist
  • 2017 ONAKAI Karate National Champion
  • 2017 Irish Open International Karate Bronze Medallist
  • 2017 WAKO World Kickboxing Cup (Hungary) Silver Medallist
  • 2017 WAKO World Kickboxing Cup (Italy) Gold Medallist
  • 2016 WAKO World Kickboxing Cup (Ireland) Gold Medallist
  • 2016 WAKO World Kickboxing Cup (Hungary) Bronze Medallist
  • 2015 WAKO World Championships Bronze Medallist
  • 2015 WAKO World Kickboxing Cup (Ireland) Silver Medallist
  • 2015 Top Ten British Open Kickboxing International Gold Medallist
  • 2015 Bristol Open Kickboxing International Gold Medallist
  • 2015 Belgian Open Kickboxing Silver Medallist