I’m currently doing a Level 3 course in Uniformed Public Services at Grimsby College. It involves us working on our fitness and learning more about the jobs we want to go into. I’m planning to go into the military police in either the Army or the RAF once I’ve finished college. I want to travel and play sport and I’m really excited by the thought of doing something different every day.

It’s been really good working with Paul as an athlete mentor on the Get on Track programme. It’s been great hearing his stories and he has loads of experience which he has shared with us. He’s always giving us tips and good advice ad well as giving us physical training tips. If he thinks you can improve at something, he’ll definitely tell you.

As we started the programme virtually during lockdown, we covered a lot of theory at first online. We did things like communication skills and teamwork and how they help in every day life and not just in sport. Once we came back into college with Paul we’ve done football and rounders, and others have played rugby.

Unfortunately, I injured my knee a while ago while out running so I’ve been restricted to the amount of exercise I can do, but Paul has been really good about what I can do and it’s helped to ease me gently back into doing sport. I’m looking forward to getting back into cricket and becoming more active again now restrictions have lifted.

Paul Broadbent, athlete mentor

Carly has worked really hard on this programme and stepped up into a leadership role. She’s gone from strength to strength over the last few months and has gone to another level and I know the skills she has learned will help her in her future career.

I definitely think attending Get on Track is going to help with my future career in the military. They encourage you to do extra-curricular activity and do more things outside of normal college stuff. Paul is always encouraging us to get involved in the local community and for us to get more active so it’s definitely going to help with my application.

The programme has also really helped me to reflect on myself and get me thinking about my routine. It’s helped me improve my time management, so I now have more time to do work or spend time with my family, which is great.

I’d definitely recommend this course to someone else at college, it’s been really fun and helps to keep you going, it’s an hour each week and you have fun with your friends.

Carly attended the Get on Track for Wellbeing programme while studying at Grimsby College and in partnership with VANEL. Thanks to funding from Sport England, we are working with 700 young people in coastal communities all across England to help them become more active.