From a very young age, Carol spent more time upside down than the right way up! For safety reasons her parents took her along to a recreational gymnastics class where she could channel her energy. Being a very stubborn individual, Carol had the determination to never give up until she mastered a skill, and this enabled her to progress through the sport.

Carol is a former British and Northern European champion and represented Great Britain for five years. Her biggest achievements were being the reserve member for the 2004 Olympic Games and competing at the Commonwealth Games in 2006.

After retiring from gymnastics in 2006, Carol set her sights on competing in another Commonwealth Games, but this time as a 10m platform diver. British Diving placed her on a fast track programme, which in two and a half years not only saw her become national champion but also bronze medalist at the European Championships in 2009. She was also a member of the first pair in the world to perform a synchronised handstand dive in international competition. Carol and her synchro partner Helen (her twin sister) achieved their goal of qualifying for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, but unfortunately due to injury the girls were unable to compete, and had to watch the event instead.

Giving Back 

Since retirement from sport, Carol has worked as a motivational speaker in schools, inspiring children to take part in sport. During the course of this work, she has related her own experiences to encourage children to engage in a sport that they enjoy, go after their dreams and work hard to achieve their goals.

Competitive record

Commonwealth Games
2006 5th Team event
10th All around event
Olympic Games
2004 Reserve member
Northern European Championships
2003 1st All around event

European Championships
2009 3rd 10m synchro event
FINA World Series event
2009 4th 10m synchro event
World University Games
2009 4th 10m synchro event
FINA Grand Prix
2008 3rd 10m synchro event