Cathy started her career in swimming, then moved on to diving, then played lacrosse at school before taking up triathlon after leaving university.

She is also a national journalist and author and today Cathy does a lot of work helping young athletes and footballers understand how to use social media in a more positive way.

As a national journalist, mainly working on sport, Cathy is also author of ‘Paralympic Heroes’ one of the official books for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games (Carlton Books 2011).

Giving Back to Sport

Cathy first got involved in the Trust in early 2010 and has been supported through many different programmes.

Initially, Cathy was involved in helping gifted and talented athletes with media awareness before getting involved in Sport For Change and National Citizen's Service. Today Cathy delivers on Get on Track, the Trust’s flagship programme.

Competitive record

Junior National Diving Champion

Represented Great Britain at Springboard Diving at a Junior Level

Represented Great Britain as a senior at Short Distance and Ironman Triathlon

Won a Team Bronze and Team Silver medal at successive European Ironman Championships.

Represented Great Britain at multiple World Long Distance Ironman Championship and European Half Ironman and Ironman races