Former Volleyball player Chris already played a number of sports at school, including tennis. The aim of the programme was to find athletes who would compete in the 2012 Olympic Games. After being tested, he was selected to play volleyball and was relocated to Bath for training.

He competed on both the national and international stages at volleyball, winning his first GB cap in 2008 (age 19) and going onto compete in the World Cup and winning his first GB senior cap at age 21. He competed in the London 2012 Olympics, culminating a journey that had begun when he applied for the Talent ID programme back in 2008.

Chris did not win any medals, but that was not the end of his journey; rather only the beginning. Chris still competes with Jake Sheaf and and thery are currently preparing and training hard for the inclusion of Beach Volleyball in the 2018 Commonweealth Games.

Giving Back

Chris is very passionate about giving back to sport and inspiring young people, and he has associated himself with the organisation Sporting Champions so that he can do this.  Sporting Champions works to inspire young people into sport.

Competitive record

2012 – Super 8 National League and National Cup Winner of the Double with Carnegie (Indoor)

2011 – 2nd in British Tour rankings

2010 – World Cup (Malta) Qualified for Great Britain in Stage 1 of Olympic Continental Cup (3rd)

VEBT (1st)

2008 -World U21’s Competed for Great Britain in Brighton and Blackpool