Community Champions is designed to support and equip young people to become leaders and to increase social action within their communities.

The programme is an opportunity for young people who have already completed the Trust’s flagship Get on Track mentoring programme, to develop their leadership skills further to become agents of social change within their peers, their families and their communities.

Community Champions received funding from Sport England, with young people specifically being tasked to lead social action projects which use sport or physical activity to address an issue within their local community.

You can follow our Community Champion's journeys here

The first round of community-based personal, social and emotional development programmes started in July 2017 and were led by world-class athletes based in five different areas of the UK.

  • Leeds - Jenny Wallwork, former GB Badminton Player
  • Nottingham - James Kirton, former GB Olympic Swimmer
  • Merseyside - Neil Danns, GB Pro Skateboarder
  • Bristol - Dave Hill, GB Paralympian in Swimming and Triathlon 
  • Kent / London - Kate Haywood, former GB Olympic Swimmer

The sessions ran over a 10 month period and supported young people even further as leaders to help them realise the attitudes and behaviours needed to empower others. The social action projects delivered by our 50 Community Champions had a positive impact on a further 750 young people in the UK.