This section includes documents and information related to Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities.

The Chairman and the Board of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust recognises the value that a diverse workforce can bring to our organisation and strives to reflect this among our employees, athletes, volunteers and other stakeholders.

The Chairman and the Board of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust believe that greater diversity provides diversity of perspective, leading to a broader range of opinions being involved in decision making and creating a better environment for constructive and open debate.

The Chairman and the Board of Dame Kelly Holmes Trust takes this extremely seriously and wish to ensure that Dame Kelly Holmes Trust itself not only has a diverse Board and leadership but sets the benchmark in terms of what an organisation should do in order to drive greater diversity in its Board and senior leadership.

We are on a journey, as many other organisations are but we are determined to give a greater priority to diversity. The Chairman and the Board of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust is committed to maintaining the current gender parity of its Board and ensuring at all times we have a minimum of 30% of each gender on the board, to achieving gender parity on its Board committees, and to progressing towards greater diversity generally including (but not limited to) BAME, disability and LGBTQ+ on its Board and Board committees.

Our Diversity Action Plan sets out the actions that Dame Kelly Holmes Trust will undertake in order to recruit and engage people with appropriate diversity to its decision making bodies.

Progress will be reported to the Board in relation to how we are performing against our Diversity Targets and will be noted on this page. A copy of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust Equality Policy and other key board policies can be found here as can our current Diversity Action Plan