Dame Kelly Holmes Trust have always been clear that achieving within Education is vital to prevent some young people going off track and not being able to fulfill their potential.

Through no fault of their own, some young people often need a little more assistance to help them achieve the results they are capable of and our education based programmes allow our athlete mentors time and space to work with these young people and enable them to secure qualifications and skills they may otherwise miss out on.

Combining mentoring from our team of world class athletes with personal, social and emotional development, our Education based programmes give young people the opportunity to develop key attitudes to help them succeed in education and their life beyond school. 

Athlete mentors use their motivational skills and life experience to inspire and empower young people to make positive and sustainable changes to their lives and equip them with the confidence and emotional resilience they need to succeed in education and make a positive transition to employment, training or further education. 

One of our first strategic partnerships was with the Education charity AQA and the AQA Unlocking Potential programme is now in it’s ninth year and has worked with hundreds of young people all over the country. We also offer the On Track to Achieve programme, working with young people in schools to help develop the confidence, emotional resilience and teamwork they need and enable them to reflect on their own aspirations for the future.  

In the last year we have lowered the entry age to our school based programmes to 11, as we recognise the importance of early intervention to offer support to those who may be at increased risk of poor outcomes.

Programmes that fit under the Education theme are:

On Track to Achieve for Education
AQA Unlocking Potential