I started playing badminton when I was about six years old amongst many other sports and my Mum was my coach then.

When I was 19 I moved to Denmark for three years to develop my badminton further and that’s when I first started receiving proper technical coaching. I won my first international tournament in 2002 and it was also then that I got my first England cap. The most influential tournament I competed in was my first Commonwealth Games in 1998 in Kuala Lumpur. I suffered many injuries and set backs throughout my career such as slipped discs in my back and several stress fractures but each time managing to bounce back better than before.

I have been a full time professional badminton player competing for England’s team for over 15 years and have competed in World championships, Commonwealth Games and European championships. I have been coaching alongside playing for the last 2 years and am passionate about passing on to others what I have learned through my sporting journey.

The highlights of my career were winning my Commonwealth medals, reaching the top 20 in the World rankings and beaten the Worlds number seven ranked player.

Giving Back

Liz has delivered on most of the Trust programmes including Get on Track and AQA Unlocking Potential

Competitive record

2 Commonwealth games medals (team event and individual women’s singles)

2 European team silver medals (2008, 2010)

Iceland international winner (2002)

Swedish international winner (2005)

Irish international winner (2007)

Finnish international winner (2008)

Swedish international winner (2008)

Scottish international winner (2008)

English national champion (2005, 2006,2008,2010,2012)

5 Commonwealth games (1998, 2002, 2006,2010, 2014)