Dame Kelly Holmes Trust know that supporting young people to gain employability skills, explore their aspirations and increase their confidence and motivation will ultimately lead to young people making lasting changes and fulfilling their potential.    

We know that young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to have access to the networks of advice, information and experiences of work to enable them to turn aspiration into reality.  It is very hard to aim for an opportunity that you do not know exists. 

Trust programmes around Employability will ensure that young people are aware of and have skills in the six vital capabilities to be ready for work as identified by Impetus PEF:

  • Self aware
  • Receptive
  • Driven
  • Self-assured
  • Resilient
  • Informed

Our Employability programmes are led by our team of world-class athlete mentors. Through the programmes mentoring and activities young people will develop the six vital capabilities to be work ready which were identified by Impetus PEF in their publication, ‘Ready for Work’:

A self aware person recognises own strengths and weaknesses, exhibits self-control, takes responsibility for themselves and others, relates to others as adults rather 

than as in a child/parent role, is able to communicate and explain their strengths and weaknesses to others, does not shift blame, is accountable, sets realistic goals, recognises their limits, has the ability to control emotions and desires in difficult situations.

Someone who is receptive is willing to learn, open-minded, patient, flexible, happy to consider travel and/or relocate, displays humility, shows respect for other people, appreciates the views of others, works well with others, recognises the importance of compromise, can identify people to ask/learn from, engages in informal networking, learns from different people and situations, willing to tackle their weaknesses, open to working in different ways, takes on feedback and advice.

A driven person is determined, diligent, hard-working, shows care and conscientiousness in their work, displays a positive attitude, keen, enthusiastic about all tasks, motivated, punctual, proves themselves quickly, works carefully, does background research, goes the extra mile, well organised, persistent, in the right place at the right time, reliable, applies themselves consistently. 

Someone who is Self-assured is quietly confident, displays self-belief, has good levels of self-esteem, believes they can reach goals, influences future outcomes and shapes their life, independent thinker, makes eye contact, exhibits good posture, has a firm hand shake, displays trust in other people, willing to ask questions and seek more information, able to work alone without clear direction.

A Resilient person copes with rejection and set-backs, does not take things personally, learns from mistakes, does not panic, adaptable in new or difficult situations, open to constructive criticism, bounces back, looks on the positive/bright side, overcomes adversity, can handle uncertainty, perseveres, emotionally strong, displays grit.

Someone who is informed understands the job market, is aware of options, can identify pathways into work, direct contact with employers, capable of searching for job vacancies, can uncover background information about sectors/companies/ roles, will interact with job centres/recruitment firms/HR, has representative CV, understands office etiquette, punctual and well presented, can effectively describe themselves and their achievements verbally, proactively seeks advice from people in work, understands impact of education and training levels on employment.

Programmes that fit under the Employability theme are:

Get on Track for Employability
On Track to Achieve for Employability