Former Canoe Slalom Etienne was a Olympic Champion from London 2012.

He in the Canoe Doubles category (C2), with his crewmate Tim Baillie. He has been canoeing since he was about 10 years old, and he has been a world class athlete for the last 10 years. Etienne loves sharing the things he has learned about resilience, striving for your goals and performing under pressure over his career. He aims to inspire people by explaining that success is about making many good decisions, not just about whether or not you think you have any natural talent.

Giving Back

Etienne has visited many schools and youth groups since 2012, sharing his experiences and showing his Gold medal. Etienne is passionate about helping people to explore their potential, as he believes that nobody really know what they can do, until they’ve done it.

Competitive Record

2016 - European Championships (7th)
2015 - World Championships (6th)
2012 - Olympic Games (1st)
2011 - World Championships (6th)
2009 - European Championships (3rd)