Before I’d started the project I was going through a rough time and I would probably been dead if no-one had helped me. Without the programme I wouldn’t have anything to hang onto to push me through- it’s been such an amazing experience that it would benefit absolutely anyone who got onto it.

Before On Track to Achieve I was put in foster care and became dependent on drugs and alcohol. Then I was put into Ysgol and that’s where I was put on the programme where I met my athlete mentor who was an alcoholic and he turned his life around and it showed me that if he could turn his life around I could do the same and do something better with my life

My athlete mentor was amazing and the first time I met him I was off my face on drugs and he sat down and spoke to me, giving me a cuppa and he showed me life isn’t just about drugs and alcohol but you can overcome obstacles along the way with a bit of help.

It was amazing to meet all the athletes and other people up in London and in Bath and getting the chance to get out of Neath Port Talbot. And I’m not one to get on with other people and to be around lots and people but we did lots of new things with other people and it showed me to just try and to not be afraid.

When we were planning our website and talking about the idea, I never thought we’d get this far. The programme showed me people can change and we can do something no matter what life throws at us. 

I became more motivated after the programme and it encouraged me to go out looking for a job and I stopped doing the drugs. I don’t do drugs at all now and I don’t drink unless it’s an occasion. The programme gave me courage to do something I thought I couldn’t and made me want to put more effort in and motivation.

Before I got on the programme I would never come to school and now I’ve got 100% attendance and not missing school and am getting better in my grades.

I would never in a million years have thought I could go up and speak to all those people and to have the confidence to do it. On that day I was scared I would fail but I didn’t which massively boosted my confidence. That day really made me want to go on and do something more with my life to try and help other people.

I was a flat out druggie alcoholic and it’s just proved that you can be something or do something with your life even if no-one thinks you can. The programme’s changed my whole life and who I was before to who I am now.

I would say I used to be a fighter but now I’m someone who reflects on my behaviour, not like before when I would hit out. Whether I get it right or wrong I come back to it to see if I could’ve dealt with something better.

Thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery for helping to fund the On Track to Achieve Isolation project.