AQA Unlocking Potential

Please submit your AQA Unlocking Potential application form by 5pm on 1 Nov 2021.

Please note the application for cannot be saved while completing. Therefore, we suggest you write your application in Word and paste the answers into the application form.

During the application window, we will be offering two online ’find out more’ sessions to support with applications:

• 13 Oct, 4-4.30pm
• 21 Oct, 4-4.30pm

Please register your interest in attending either session by emailing Dame Kelly Holmes Trust Programmes Officer Leigh Hall: [email protected]

All responses will be stored in line with Dame Kelly Holmes Trust privacy policy:

School or College Details


Please nominate four students in the individual boxes below. Please note, your submission will not be considered if you have nominated less than four students.

Give us some basic information about your nominees, and tell us why you are nominating them to be part of the AQA Unlocking Potential programme. Ensure you cover the following points:
• The issues that are holding the young people back from fulfilling their true potential, e.g. adversity the young people may be facing and how it has impacted on them.
• The character and commitment the young people have/are showing.
• Examples where the young people have demonstrated some of the key attributes detailed in the criteria
• How the young people would benefit from their participation in the programme.
• How they would work together as a group.

First Nominee
Second nominee
Third nominee
Fourth Nominee

What steps will your school put in place to ensure it has the capacity to work with Dame Kelly Holmes Trust to deliver the programme as outlined in supporting information? In answering this question, it would be helpful to include information on how the lead teacher will be supported.

Maximising the benefits to your school or college.

Please ensure you cover the following points:
• If nominating young people who were undertaking exams later in the year, outline how you would ensure that the programme was delivered to support and complement this.
• Outline how you would use AQA Unlocking Potential to maximise the benefit to your school or college.