What is Go The Extra Mile?

Go The Extra Mile is about creating the conditions for young people facing disadvantage to thrive. We are calling on employers to:

  • Find ways to support young people to gain and sustain employment by following six key steps highlighted below in 'What can businesses do?'
  • Realise the potential of young people facing disadvantage, who have the attitudes and capabilities required to be successful.

What are young people saying?

  • The majority of young people surveyed, identified securing employment as the most important issue in their life.
  • Over half of the respondents stated not having enough work experience was the biggest challenge they faced.

Other barriers to employment identified, included:

  • A lack of readily available comprehensive careers advice.
  • Limited information about what job opportunities are available.

What can businesses do?

  • The campaign’s research provided the following best practice recommendations for employers:
    • Provide structured work experience with clear objectives.
    • Provide inductions for staff working with young people.
    • Develop feedback practices that support, encourage and empower young people.
    • Develop application processes which are more accessible to young people and recruit on attitudes and behaviours.
    • Engage with external partners to work with the young people pre-application.
    • Deliver workshops on interview skills and career guidance to young people.

Download our booklet to find out more about how you can get involved

Get in touch!  Send an email to contact@damekellyholmestrust.org and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss how we can Go The Extra Mile together.