I found out about the Get on Track programme via the Job Centre. I had been looking for work and thought it would give me something to do during the week and something to get up for. I really wasn’t doing much before the programme started. I would take my dog out for a walk but I had a lot of free time and didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I have really enjoyed mixing with different people online and listening to everyone’s different challenges. This has made me realise that we all have other areas to develop our abilities.

When I first joined, I wasn’t 100% sure about the programme but when I got into it more, I really enjoyed it. When I joined, I didn’t turn my video on and I wouldn’t speak and only used the chat function to communicate. As the programme has gone on, I have become more confident and I now use the microphone and the video more.

We did a lot of fitness activities throughout the programme, with different themes to mix it up. I remember one where you had a deck of cards and whatever number you turned over you had to do that many reps of things like squats, burpees or jumping on the spot. I enjoyed doing this as I enjoy doing a variety of fitness activities.

For our social action project, we’re creating a video around the Five Ways to Wellbeing. We’ve all been going on a walk near where we live, taking photos of activities related to the Five Ways, such as connecting and being in the moment. It really gave us a purpose during lockdown, making sure people were staying active and we’re hoping the video will help other people our age to get active and be more aware of the world around them.

It’s been really interesting working with our athlete mentors Liz and Jenna, learning about their different backgrounds and how they’ve overcome challenges. It’s been great to hear other people’s ideas and have their encouragement in order for us to move forward.

Liz Johnson, athlete mentor

Hanny is a very willing and enthusiastic member of the group and her commitment has been second to none. I really hope that through the confidence she has gained and experiences she has had as a member of this programme that Hanny is rewarded with finding a role that she enjoys.

I feel better in myself and I liked challenging myself as part of the programme. I see a personal trainer on a Wednesday and do lots of weights workouts – I also trained and worked my way up to doing a 5km run recently which I was really pleased with.

Now the programme is coming to an end I feel more confident and more motivated to do things. I put myself forward for things now that I’m not comfortable with. I lead on bits of the programme now whereas at the beginning I wouldn’t have done. I’m more active and healthier now as well, I drink more water throughout the day and I eat more healthily as well.

I’m now looking for ways to fill my day, I’ve done Diamond Art, I’ve done singing lessons for quite a long time, and I go and do solo singing in places like Costa and local pubs. I’ve also had an interview to go to college to do a Veterinary Assistant course.

Over the last nine months I would definitely say this programme changed me as person for example I feel I put myself forward in different activities and share my ideas in the group. I feel the programme has made me feel more confident in myself and more positive to get up and focus on something which I enjoy.

I would recommend this programme 100% because they are a very supportive group who are extremely encouraging, they include you in everything, challenge you, help you to develop skills and make you feel more positive in yourself. I’m delighted to have been given this fantastic opportunity. If you’ve thought about joining you should totally go for it!

 Hanny attended the Get on Track for Wellbeing programme virtually. Thanks to funding from Sport England, we are working with 700 young people in coastal communities all across England to help them become more active. Participants on this virtual programme have all been referred by the DWP and the programme was run in partnership with Swale Leisure.