From a very young age, Helen always had a boundless energy and was constantly turning cartwheels and flipping around. She enjoyed competing against her twin sister, having handstand competitions and using the curb as a beam!

In order to channel some of this energy and also prevent Helen from hurting herself, her parents took her to a local recreational gymnastics class, which she loved, and her career took off from there.

Helen is a former British Gymnastics Champion and represented Great Britain for five years. Her greatest achievement was competing in two Commonwealth Games, making finals in both. She was also part of the 2004 Olympic Games test event, another great achievement.
After retiring from gymnastics, Helen set her sights on competing in her third Commonwealth Games, but this time as a 10m platform diver. Diving first caught her attention when she was out at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, and when she got home she decided to give it a go. British diving placed her on a fast track programme, which in less than two years saw her become national champion. In 2009, after just two and a half years of diving, she won a bronze medal at the European Championships. Helen also created a trademark dive, being a member of the first pair in the world to perform a synchronised handstand dive in international competition. Helen went on to achieve her goal of qualifying both individually and in the synchronised event (with her twin sister) to the 2010 Commonwealth Games. However, due to a very unfortunate injury which Helen picked up in training the week leading up to the Games, both Helen and her sister had to withdraw from the event and watch from the sidelines.

Giving Back

Since retirement from sport, Helen has used her own experiences to do some motivational speaking in schools. She shares the positive impact that sport has had on her life with the children, inspiring them to take part in sport. Helen very much enjoys sharing her experiences and the knowledge she has gained from them with others, and loves to encourage children to follow their dreams and believe that anything is possible if they work hard enough.

Helen also works at St.Georges Park (England National Football Centre), where she delivers cardiac screening and testing to athletes , as well as promoting regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle to corporate clients.
Helen has done a few events as a Sporting Champions over the past few years ands loves to inspire and motivate young children through her past sporting experiences.

Competitive record

Olympic Games test event
2004 8th Team Event

Commonwealth Games
2006 5th Team event
7th Beam final
2002 6th Team event
9th All around event
8th Bar final, 5th Beam final
Northern European Championships
2003 3rd All around event,
1st Team event,
1st Bar final, 2nd Beam final, 6th Floor final

2010 Commonwealth Games Team Member European Championships
2009 3rd 10m synchro event
5th 10m Individual event
FINA World Series event
2009 4th 10m synchro event
World University Games
2009 4th 10m synchro event
FINA Grand Prix
2008 3rd 10m synchro event