When Jade began the Get on Track programme she was very quiet and shy, she kept herself to herself. During the first few days of the programme it became really clear that Jade was someone who really wanted to push herself to do the best she could and challenge herself to conquer the things that she found uncomfortable.

Jade has a real love for animals and wants to pursue that love as a career. Jade was already volunteering at Animals in Distress charity shop one day per week and early in the programme also began a volunteering placement at Bowwows, a dog grooming services company for a further two days each week.

Over the course of the programme Jade took on lots of challenges and said that she learned to trust herself as the programme went on. More and more as the days went on Jade began to make her voice heard and was a really valued member of the team.

The biggest challenges for Jade were those which meant she needed to talk with new people in new situations, but by the end of Get on Track it was amazing to see how well she was now approaching these tasks, things that at the beginning of the programme she may not have had the self-belief to do.

Rich Parker, her athlete mentor said:

“On days one and two Jade was really quiet and shy, but by day three we could already see her starting to push herself and coming out of her shell. Jade began to put her ideas forward to the group more and more as her confidence grew and by week two she was stretched again by taking part in the town task which required the group to be interacting with and approaching members of their local community to complete tasks and challenges.

By the end of the programme I could see a lot more confidence in Jade, as the group approached local organisations to ask about distributing the poster they had made to raise awareness of mental health, Jade showed she was able to remain calm and come across confidently as she spoke to venue and organisation managers.

There was a massive growth in her confidence and self-belief, Jade is such a capable and kind young lady and it’s great to see her moving forward and doing so well.”

Now the programme has come to an end Jade is taking on more volunteering, upping it to five days a week and is also pursuing her fitness goals and joining a local gym.

This project is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund.