Before Get on Track I was just doing online courses and applying for jobs but not really getting anywhere. I was referred to the Get on Track course by the job centre.  

The first few days really weren’t what I was expecting but they made a really big impact on me, I felt this could be a real opportunity for change for me. After the first day I thought, ‘Yes, I’m really going to dedicate myself to this.’

My confidence really improved over the first few days. Previously I’d not been in those kind of situations before such as problem solving or team building activities and I’d never been encouraged to be a leader before. I’d never really been pushed out of my comfort zone before – especially in a sporting context – and when I realised that I could do these things, it really gave me a lot of confidence.

I found the whole Get Set part of the programme really good. At first I wasn’t really sure what all the different bits were leading up to, but with hindsight now I can really see that Dress for Success, the CV review workshop and meeting employers was really preparing me for interviews and for real work.

I definitely feel like Get on Track has made me more employable. What was letting me down in interviews before was my confidence and this programme has really helped with that.

Everyone on the course has come from very different places, it’s a very diverse group and I’ve never been in an environment quite like that before. This has really helped me to learn how to deal with people in different ways who maybe have different attitudes or learning difficulties, -my athlete mentor Sue said I became a bit of a diplomat within the group!

Home life has been a bit rocky the last few months, I’m living back at home in the attic and I’ve been working on doing it up whilst doing this programme. It’s been quite stressful but it’s helped my parents to see that I am motivated and trying to get where I want to be in my life… Get on Track has been really good for my family life because my family can really see that I’m trying hard to get where I want to go whereas before I was doing more theory type things, this course has really given me some concrete foundations for the future.

I really like working with people and following this programme I’ve decided to want to work with children and young people with mental health difficulties. I’ve always enjoyed working with people but didn’t think I had any particular skills in this area but Get on Track has taught me that I have.

The programme has really helped with soft skills such as communication and problem solving skills, it’s given me so much confidence, it’s really helped me to prepare for real problems that might come up later in life.