I had been out of work for over a year before starting the Get on Track programme. My work programme coach suggested that the programme might be beneficial in order to gain confidence and help with my anxiety.

When it came to start the course on day one, I just couldn’t leave the house. My social anxiety was really bad about meeting a new group of people and even making a phone call was too difficult… however after about three hours I was able to join in with the group and managed to get stuck in.

 My communication skills have definitely got better. Having social anxiety means I find it difficult to socialise, but this project has pushed me out of my comfort zone, in a positive way, by being able to have the opportunity to meet new people and gain potential employment contacts.

 I hadn’t previously done any volunteering but through the programme I got involved with Animals in Distress. We had mock interviews as part of the course and that gave me the confidence and self-realization to attend interviews and perform well.

Dave Hill my athlete mentor has been amazing. He’s been incredibly supportive of me and always made me feel really welcome. He has been through difficult times in his life too and because of that you can really relate to him.

Dave Hill, Mentor said “I’m so proud of Jess and I’m particularly really pleased she was able to attend the course on the day that we arranged the session to meet and chat with local employers. For Jess to create an opportunity for herself off the back of this is a credit to her strength and I hope a huge confident boost for her.”

I had a really good experience with this project, the overall impact has been very positive for me personally. My self-esteem and confidence have improved and I’ve met some lovely people along the way.

Without the Trust and the Get on Track programme I don’t feel I would have progressed this quickly.