When I started the programme I didn’t have a job, it was the Job Centre that first told me about Get on Track, I’d started college in September of last year to get my Maths and English. I was quite excited to join the programme although I was a bit nervous, I was looking forward to doing something a bit different and meeting new people.

Through lockdown I did a bit of activity here and there and took the dog for a walk, but I wasn’t doing much, I definitely got more active when I joined the programme!

I enjoyed all the activities we did on the programme, I particularly enjoyed doing the HIIT workouts, they were definitely my favourite sessions! Even though it’s all been virtual, it’s been really good, I’ve met lots of new people and got on well with them. It’s not just sitting talking, there’s been lots of interactive stuff like drawing on the screen and things like that.

It’s been really good having Jenna as my athlete mentor, she’s been dead supportive and I really enjoyed working with her. I found the one-to-one sessions really helpful, when we were able to talk about things, and it’s been really helpful when I’m thinking about my future career.

Jenna Downing, athlete mentor:

Jodie’s always been very driven and committed to the programme, she’s been fantastic from start to finish. It’s helped her develop more confidence but also helped her to believe in herself a bit more. I think Get on Track has given Jodie that bit of support and encouragement to strive for those goals that she’s always had.

Now the programme is coming to an end, I feel a lot more confident. A few weeks after starting on Get on Track I got a job and it’s really helped me with that. I work as a merchandiser, working within Tesco and it’s helped me when speaking to managers and dealing with issues that come up.

I’m also a lot more active now than I was when the programme started. I’ve joined the local gym and signed up with a personal trainer – I do something pretty much every day now.

I’m off to Salford University to study Interior Design next month which I’m really looking forward to. I never thought I’d go to uni but that’s why I went back to do my Level 3 Maths and English so I could get what I need to get into university.

I’d definitely recommend this programme to other people. Firstly, it’s a lot of fun and it was good to have a routine you can get into and talk to people and help build up your confidence.

Jodie attended the Get on Track for Wellbeing programme virtually. Thanks to funding from Sport England, we are working with 700 young people in coastal communities all across England to help them become more active. Participants on this virtual programme have all been referred by the DWP and the programme was run in partnership with Swale Leisure.