Jordan attended the Young Leaders programme back in 2019 and progressed onto the Young Ambassadors programme undertaking more in depth training and leading his own projects in order to become an Ambassador for change within his community.

The Young Ambassador programme enables young people to develop their leadership skills further to become agents of social change and to further good relations for their peers, families and their communities. This is done through a structured process of training and mentoring support using physical activity, sport and creative activities.

Growing up I had a Catholic mother and a Protestant Dad. I was able to take what I had learnt on the Young Leader programme and go into Catholic areas of West Belfast and see how they work and live and then bring that back into my community and teach them that the two communities are exactly the same.

         Jordan - Young Ambassador

Towards the end of the Young Leader programme, group leaders could see that the training was something that Jordan was really taking advantage of - he was a leader and someone who really wanted to make a difference. He has so many brilliant ideas and one thing that this programme has taught him is to focus and structure his thought process.

He can pretty much do whatever he puts his mind to. What this programme has done for him is opened up his horizons, to believe in himself and think 'do you know what? I can do that'

        Gareth Harper - Peace Players 

The Young Ambassadors training is more in depth and involves more planning, it's a more solid form of youth work than I've been involved in before. I never thought I'd be in this position where I am today. Programmes like Young Ambassadors have changed my life and if anyone has a chance to do it... just do it and don't hold back.

The Young Leaders Training and Ambassadors programme is being delivered by Dame Kelly Holmes Trust in partnership with PeacePlayers International NI on behalf of the Department of Communities in various locations in Northern Ireland.