I heard about the Get on Track through the Job Centre where I’ve been going since February 2018 to try and find work. Ben from Swale Leisure met me there and told me all about it, and it sounded really good and something that would help with my confidence. I suffer from anxiety and depression and this has stopped me from getting a job, I’ve never had a proper job.

This course has given me a real opportunity to go beyond my comfort zone and make a bunch of new friends. We’ve done loads of stuff such as badminton and learning how to use the gym, I’ve started going to the gym outside of programme time already. We’ve also done things like Health & Safety, First Aid training and working on our CVs, a whole bunch of different things. It’s been great working with the athletes Sam & Suzanne, they’ve been wonderful and inspirational – their stories are amazing and they have given me a real boost in my confidence. 

One of the best things was our Town Centre Task where we had to go round the shops in Sittingbourne and try and get sponsorship for our social action project. I was shocked when I was made Team Leader but was determined to do well so I really had to put my game face on when inside all I wanted to do was scream! Our team worked really well together, and I was really proud of how it went – looking back I was really glad I was chosen as Team Leader, I know I can do it now.

Sam Brearey, Athlete Mentor

The turning point for Kelsey was when we made her lead and put her into groups with people she didn’t know, forcing her to step out of her comfort zone, talk to new people and work with them to try to win the task. Her competitive nature took over and in doing so broke down the barriers she had previously had. Once she realised she could not only lead, but also socialise and talk without fear to others, her confidence grew as did her volume. She went from one of the quietest and most reserved on the course, to one of the loudest, outspoken and outgoing people on the course. 

After the programme I want to become a Teaching Assistant, working with children with special needs. There isn’t a school in Sittingbourne for children with special needs and one day I’d like to set one up here so children don’t have to travel a long way to attend school. I have been actively chatting to schools and teachers, phoning them up and putting both my name and her CV out there to local schools with the aim of becoming a teaching assistant. I’m also looking to continue my work in the gym to achieve her fitness goals and increase in physical confidence.

If I’ve learned one thing on this programme it’s that if you want to get something in life the only person that can do it is you!

We would like to thank our partners Swale Leisure for their help with this programme and also to players of People's Postcode Lottery for providing funding which enabled this programme to go ahead.