Life was kind of dark for me before I came on the course. I wasn’t motivated and I wasn’t really doing anything. Basically I was just looking for jobs and getting knocked back all the time and this had been going on for about a year.

It was the job centre that told me about Get on Track and at first I didn’t want to come. It sounded like it was all just going to be fun and games and I didn’t want that. I just wanted to have a job and work.

The first couple of days on the course were weird. Getting to know loads of people really isn’t my kind of thing but over time I came out of my shell and decided to get really stuck in. Michelle was the Athlete Mentor on the programme and she was the best! She took us on as her own, and made us all feel so welcome. She was proper quirky but really down to earth. Ben and Gabs from Swale were really great as well, they all helped me loads.

Ben Ryder – Community Development Office, Swale Leisure

When Kyle came onto the programme he was a loud individual who wasn’t very confident and would challenge any authority. Throughout the programme he became more confident in his own abilities and became a natural leader and was chosen as a team leader for the delivery of PE lessons to years 4,5 and 6 at a local school. In this task Kyle was fantastic and lead the group with confidence, respect and authority which made the children enjoy the PE lesson whilst receiving glowing feedback from the members of staff at the school.


Running the PE lessons was a real turning point for me on the programme. Knowing that I could actually do something and achieve it as a Team Leader was something that gave me loads of confidence.

Before the programme, I played a bit of football but that was about it as far as activity went. During the programme I really enjoyed trying out stuff like the cycling and gym stuff. I really feel that I learned loads of things during the programme, such as leadership, communication skills – and I’ve made loads of new friends too. During the programme, when I woke up I was happy and that was because I was coming in here.

Michelle – Athlete Mentor


Kyle was such a brilliant charismatic character, he just needed to calm down a little bit and now I’m glad he’s found his niche….  He was such a lovely guy to have on the programme, very warm, always one to help out. I’m really glad to hear that he’s done so well.


At the end of the programme I was taken on for three weeks worth of work experience at the Swallows Leisure Centre which was great. I did a bit of everything like lifeguarding, cleaning and maintenance and then at the end of it I was offered a position in the café.  I’m really happy with what I do now, there’s a Supervisor job coming up soon so I’m going to apply for that and in the future I’m hoping to start up my own restaurant with my partner who’s also a chef.


Ben Ryder

Since the programme has finished Kyle has secured employment in our Leisure Centre as an member of our events team as well as a key member of the cafe staff. This has been rewarded with Kyle being awarded employee of the month during his first eight months of employment at the Leisure Centre.


I learned loads of things on the programme and it helped my confidence big time. I really don’t think I’d have a job today if it wasn’t for Get on Track. If you get an opportunity to go on the programme, I would say definitely do it.

Kyle & Ben Ryder in front of cafe

Kyle with Ben from Swale Leisure at the cafe at The Swallows Leisure Centre