I am so glad I decided to come on the course. I thought it might be okay, now I’m here to tell you it was completely not okay. It has been amazing and far from that, it has been far better than I ever expected. I have never had a better time in my life than what I had the past eight weeks, I never knew I would achieve anything; let alone be guided by such amazing professionals along the way.

My first day was so daunting, I was expecting everyone to stare at me as I was very self-conscious and I felt intimidated, I nearly didn’t come in on that day because I was that nervous.  But luck was on my side and I managed to fit in easily and I felt the group was already formed by the end of that week. I then knew for sure I would be in for a lot of fun and laughter in the weeks to come, so I made sure I did my best to come in every single day. I even cancelled a holiday I was due to go on because I didn’t want to miss a thing; I knew every minute was going to be worth it.

 And already in week two my confidence was growing. My Mum noticed it too she said I seemed happier in myself, she could clearly tell I was enjoying every day. Before I came on this course I would never have volunteered myself first to do anything as it would have been out of character for me.  For example I would not have been able to do a speech at the GO event as I wouldn’t have felt as comfortable and out of my shell as I am now.

Yes my stubbornness may have gotten in my way a little bit but if Jenna had not been so persistent and relentless with me I would have sworn and never got back up that ramp ever again when we did inline skating.

I surprised myself at managing that ramp, going against what my body wants to do and just trust that if I fall, I get back up, if I get injured, I still get up, just like I always do with horse riding. That has been my proudest moment of the course. And as Sia rightly says, “I’ll keep getting up when I hit the ground; I’ll Never give up No! I’ll never give up No, No!’

After Get on Track I would like to go to college and work my way up and do a Horse Management and Welfare course at university. I always dismissed uni until now because the thought of a loan scared me, but now it’s a real possibility. I would love to work rehabilitating horses or rescuing horses or maybe training horses. It will be great to turn by passion and hobby into a career.

I loved my time on Get on Track and want these memories to last. I will never forget you all; I have never felt so included and able to express myself than with any other group I have been near before. I can be my true self, I’m free to be as dry and as blunt as can be.