Leadership is crucial for young people in order to learn the necessary skills and attitudes to influence and develop their communities in the years ahead.

Our Youth Leadership programmes aim to create highly motivated, skilled and socially responsible young people who are enthusiastic about driving forward positive change in their communities and in society.

People often resist social change because it is uncomfortable and it brings us into the unknown, even though it can make the world a better place. Younger generations, however, have always had the ability to challenge assumptions about how the world should be run, but don’t always have the necessary skills and attitudes to bring about change and engage with the people who can help and assist them.

Our programmes provide young people with the framework needed to understand how they can impact and change local communities and the wider society. Our athletes provide mentoring and guidance and our work with local partners helps to draw out the significance of local issues that are close to the young people’s hearts. Social action programmes allow our young people to put these skills into practice and work as part of wider teams that can influence and shape the lives of others.

Programmes that fit under the Youth Leadership theme are:

Community Champions

We previously delivered a Leadership programme in Northern Ireland, you can read about it here:
Young Leaders Training & Ambassadors Programme