I had been to many schools and it was really hard for me adjusting in each new school where I was always terribly bullied and I had never fitted in. The programme brought me to a totally different place to be able to help other people who felt what I felt in that situation, being isolated.

I had just joined my school Ysgol Hendrefelin and was feeling really nervous so my teacher encouraged me to join the On Track to Achieve isolation project. In our group we came up with the idea of our website Forget Segregate Integrate (FSI) which we wanted to give other isolated young people a place to meet others and get involved with different activities.

I wanted FSI to give other young people being bullied or just feeling lonely or they don’t fit in, a place they could visit.

It was really, really amazing working with my athlete mentor and having someone I could relate to even though he was a professional athlete. We had a good laugh and he helped really build me as a person and he gave me a chance to help people. He really made effort with all of us.

I think the opportunity to be able to go up to London and having that chance to know that my voice was being heard and making new friends were my highlights of the experience. It felt amazing and a big achievement to share what we had been working on in our school with all those people.

Now I’m able to go out telling people about the website and they’re saying it’s amazing. I got chatting to a woman in the street and told her about my experience of the programme and about our website. She told her son about and he’s started hockey after using our website. And getting out there encouraging other young people to get involved and access the website generally has given me a lot of confidence and motivation.

In school before the programme I couldn’t concentrate and I didn’t have any confidence to even ask the person next to me for help as I didn’t know them very well. But now I’ve made lots of great friends. My grades are getting way way better as well and now I’ve been put in for five GSCEs: when I started this school, I was only looking at doing one.

To have finished On Track to Achieve has showed me I can do something even though I have had problems in the past: the experience has really helped me. I believe I can achieve something great in life, despite the circumstances I’ve been through.

Thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery for helping to fund the On Track to Achieve Isolation project.