I put myself in care at a young age, I’d been in trouble with the police and I’d been involved in drugs and alcohol. It was easier to drink a bottle of vodka than sit there sad about what was going on in my life. It was easier just to get drunk with my friends and have a laugh…

I’ve got a little boy who’s nearly seven and I could have lost him if I had carried on the way I was going. It really hit home that I needed to deal with my anger and stop getting into trouble. I ended up living on my own with Caden because I didn’t want him to grow up in the care system with me. It isn’t easy through living on your own with a child. I was only 17.

This course has made me realize how much I do enjoy stuff rather than just sitting at home and looking for jobs.

We met Dame Kelly Holmes and other athletes and they’ve got gold medals and done so much with their lives but knowing that they’ve failed and got back up and done it made me realize that you can do it no matter how hard your life has been or where you come from. If you want something, you can do it.

I realized the confidence I had in myself and how much I could do stuff if I wanted to. The athletes wouldn’t let me give up, even if I wanted to!

In the future I just want to meet up with Michelle (Martine’s athlete mentor) and tell her I got to where I wanted to be and that I believe in myself. I want to say thank you for your time and patience with me because I have been hard work.

I will get to where I want to be.

You can watch more of Martine's story here and what she took out of the Get on Track programme