Before the programme I really wasn’t doing anything, I used to be a roofer and worked with my Uncle about three or four years ago but when he passed away I couldn’t carry on working. I heard about Get on Track from the Job Centre and I thought I’d try it as I wanted to improve my confidence and team working skills.

I suffer from anxiety and don’t like having lots of people around, I really wanted to try and overcome that and I really wanted to get a job. On the first day I had a really bad panic attack and just couldn’t go in, I had to go outside for ten minutes as I couldn’t face going in.  It’s got a lot better throughout the programme and now I know a lot more people here I can control my anxiety a lot better and learning to engage with more people is helping me improve my confidence.

I’d not done much physical activity before coming on the programme but we’ve done quite a bit now such as badminton and stuff in the gym. I’m really enjoying going to the gym and I go every day whether I’m attending Get on Track or not. Ben from Swale Leisure said he could really see the difference in me physically which was good to hear!

After the program I will be working to increase my confidence and continue to overcome my anxiety in social situations. I will continue to work hard in the gym looking to achieve my goals I have been working on. I am also looking to go into a physical and outdoor job where I will be able to benefit from my work in the gym. 

A turning point for me was the support and honesty of the athlete mentors Sam and Suzanne and also Ben from Swale. They were great at supporting my anxiety and pushing me to develop, but at the same time fair and honest if we over stepped the mark. It helped me a lot to control myself and understand that we are always responsible for ourselves and our own standards we set. 

“Get on Track has been a great experience for me and has really helped me focus as well as develop my life in the right direction”.

We would like to thank our partners Swale Leisure for their help with this programme and also to players of People's Postcode Lottery for providing funding which enabled this programme to go ahead.