From singing for the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest to winning skate contests to opening art galleries, Neil is a born performer and has always led the alternative lifestyle.

He is something of a living legend in his hometown of  Liverpool where he makes it into the Daily Echo on a regular basis. Neil has performed all over the world, from Beirut to Cape Town, Brazil to Iceland, and all over the USA.

Neil left school without any goals and got into skateboarding by chance at a bus stop outside Liverpool Museum when he heard music and observed the skateboarders. He says: “That was my defining moment that led me to become  British champion years later.” He soon stepped up to the professional standard,and his exceptional skateboarding talents including his signature Invert Hand Plants and powerful style have earned him many British and European titles throughout his career.

Giving Back

Neil hopes to pass on some of the life skills that have made him successful at skateboarding through his work with young people.

He said, “I’m from a tough area in Toxteth, Liverpool, and I had bad role models, but luckily I fell into skateboarding at 14 and looked at those positive role models. Skateboarding gave me a way out; otherwise I could’ve ended up on the wrong side of the law. My story helps them understand that it’s a fine line which path they take.”

He has been involved in a number of projects including Step into Sport, SKYLiving 4Sport, RAMP and Sporting Champions.

Neil delivers on all Trust programmes and in 2018 was one of the first athletes to work on our Young Leaders & Ambassadors Programme in Belfast.

He is currently Director  of Wheels Extreme CIC, a company he co-owns with Jenna Downing, world in-line skate champion, running coaching workshops across the Northwest of England at schools, youth clubs and skateparks.

Competitive record

– British Champion
– European Champion