A large part of all of our programmes is the social action project delivered by the young people that has a positive and long lasting impact on their local community. The various lockdowns over the past year have of course made this more difficult as it has been tricky to get out into the local community in groups to actually deliver these projects.

Faced with this problem, one of the groups on our Sport England funded Get on Track for Wellbeing programmes thought more widely about who their community was and came up with an innovative solution to deliver their project involving their peers from different parts of the country.

The group preparing to deliver their social action project

Athlete mentors Claire Bennett and Hannah Beharry are delivering a virtual Get on Track programme to young people in the South East who have been recruited through the Department for Work and Pensions. As the Trust are currently delivering these programmes in various locations, the group decided to invite young people from similar programmes all over the country to attend a session aimed at raising awareness on the positive impact doing physical activity has on mental health and well-being. In total 22 young people joined in with the session which included:

  • a 10 minute warm up session 
  • boxing session led by Ryan, (see excerpt in video below)
  • 10 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Session
  • Warm down exercises 

Ryan delivering his boxing demo to a group including former British boxing champion Hannah Beharry!

As well as helping to deliver the activity session, Sylver from the group also spoke about her own experience & how exercise helps her on a daily basis. 

The session was a great success with young people dialling in via Zoom from our programmes in the North West of England, Swale, Surrey and Sussex and the South West. Additionally athlete mentors Dave Hill and Jenna Downing joined to give support. Feedback was really positive.

The group from the South West who attended were absolutely buzzing after the session and were really inspired for their social action project which they are currently planning...

While not being able to meet face to face has many drawbacks, the upside of a virtual session like this is that the group got to engage with other young people and athletes from outside their local area who they wouldn't normally have the opportunity to meet.

Thanks to funding from Sport England, we are working with 700 young people in communities all across England by delivering Get on Track for Wellbeing programmes to help them become more active.