The coronavirus pandemic has touched everyone's lives in the UK and has forced all organisations to review the way they work and in many cases, dramatically change their day to day activities. All programmes run by the Trust are delivered in person by our team of athlete mentors so the government lockdown made us look closely at how we could support the young people we are currently working with.

Despite being unable to work with our young people in person, we're pleased to say that we are still delivering 75% of our community based Get on Track for Wellbeing programmes, funded by Sport England. We have used a combination of three things in order to ensure our groups receive the support they need:

  • We have set up weekly Zoom calls to keep in touch with the groups and provide an outlet for group discussions
  • We've created private Facebook groups to share videos and set group goals and targets for the week
  • Our athletes have created short fitness videos that can be shared across groups to help maintain fitness levels 


A great example of this approach has been the Folkestone group, led by athlete mentors Claire Bennett and Hannah Beharry. To get everyone active this week, they held an online dance party to get the energy up before starting on the main part of the sessions. It's been a real team effort with our partners on this programme, Swale Leisure, but as you can see from some of the responses from the young people below, it's been absolutely worth it. 

"The virtual sessions help me because it means I’m socialising with people. I don’t get to do that outside of playing on my Xbox or speaking to my parents" Roisin

"Since lockdown started, Get on Track has really helped me to socialise and connect with my family” Shania

"I like the virtual sessions because you know you have to get fit and find a way to stay focused and stay active" Kayleigh

Other programmes in Scarborough, Liverpool and Grimsby are also ongoing and the feedback from the groups has been really positive. Jody, who works for our partners North Yorkshire Sport on the programme in Scarborough, said:

It’s good that James and Paul (athlete mentors) can still deliver content from the programme and set the group tasks as it will help them and give them something to focus on. It's great to still be able to get the group together, they benefit from still been able to ‘meet’ as a group! It can be hard to get young people to jump on the chat especially as some are really anxious, but we had more join this week so hopefully each week we’ll continue to get more.

As of 12th May, 54% of the programmes we were running before the restrictions started are still talking place virtually. We will continue to refine our online offering over the weeks and months ahead and continue to support our young people throughout these difficult times.

Get on Track for Wellbeing is delivered in partnership with Sport England and local delivery organisations in eight coastal towns in some of the most deprived areas of the UK.  We are working with 700 young people in coastal communities all across England to help them become more active.