Dame Kelly Holmes Trust are proud to release our latest Impact Report covering the period from April 2019 to end of March 2020. In that period the Trust worked with over 750 young people aged between 11-25, across 85 different programmes in all four countries of the United Kingdom.

Over the last year, we were pleased that across ALL programmes, young people demonstrated a 7.5% increase in mental wellbeing after attending one of our programmes. Really promisingly this grows to 22.5% on our Get on Track for Wellbeing programmes; although datasets are still quite low as the first full 12-month pilots have only just finished. Additionally, 83% of young people have become moderately active or active by the end of these programmes which is a fantastic achievement.

Our Employability programmes work with young people who are often a long way from the job market and for whom traditional employment schemes or apprenticeships are often not suitable. We were pleased therefore that 63% of attendees on Get on Track for Employability felt confident to move into employment, education or training at the end of the programme.

Across our Education programmes, we saw the confidence and motivation of the students we worked with soar. Confidence in ability to achieve goals jumped from 47% to 68%, and those who were motivated to do well at school rose from 59% to 76%.

Ben Hilton, CEO of Dame Kelly Holmes Trust said

I’m delighted to see the impact the Trust has had on the lives of young people over the last year. It’s particularly pleasing to see the increases in mental wellbeing across all programmes and the levels of physical activity rising in our Sport England funded Get on Track programmes. We would like to thank the players of People’s Postcode Lottery for their support in allowing us to develop our Data & Impact processes and also produce this Impact Report. We know the next few years are going to be a huge challenge for young people in this country and along with our athletes, partners and funders we are ready to support vulnerable young people  and help them to thrive.


Hannah attended our Get on Track for Wellbeing programme in Scarborough:

Before starting the programme, I was literally doing nothing. I was homeless, had nowhere to live and I’d just gone into supported housing. I would recommend this programme 100% to anyone. It’s improved my confidence so much, I’m more active, I’ve met so many new people and it’s opened up a lot of doors for me.

You can read our full 2019/20 Impact Report here

Our programmes are varied and span a number of themes such as wellbeing, employability, education and leadership but two things remain constant across all our programmes. One - all programmes are delivered by world class athletes and two - across all themes young people gain the confidence, resilience and self-esteem needed to succeed in life.