Students from Lourdes School in Glasgow have been attending an On Track to Achieve programme delivered by three time Olympian Sarah Clark.

The programme started in September 2018 and saw sixteen students take part in our innovative seven month school based mentoring programme in which Athlete Mentors work with groups of young people aged 11-19. The programme helps develop the confidence, emotional resilience and teamwork of the young people, and enables them to reflect on their own aspirations for the future. You can read more about On Track to Achieve here.

The young people on the programme engaged with younger children from the local primary school. In total they worked with 121 children in Primary Year 7 from the two nearest Primary schools.

The young people split themselves in to groups and they planned workshops for the children about to move to secondary school so that they would feel more at ease and confident about transitioning to secondary education. They wanted to dispel some of the myths around what school was like, talk about what to expect, how to act, what the school and teachers were like. This came from the current group recognizing that some of them are disruptive and don’t give themselves the best chance to succeed in school. 

Group One delivered a fitness session then discussed mental health with the group. The young people explained why it’s important to stay healthy, how it may change in secondary school, and if you feel different who you should speak to. The young people reassured the group that everyone went through something and that having positive mental health is so important and that exercise can really help.

Group Two delivered a workshop around bullying. They split the primary school students into groups and they had to do a role play around bullying. They then discussed how to stamp out bullying or help people out who have been bullied. They also encouraged the group to speak out if they witness bullying.

Group Three delivered a team building workshop with a gym ball. As a team, the group had to get the ball around using only feet, chatting and working together. They then talked about how you move around the school, the type of things you’ll come up against and what happens at certain times of the day. They then held a Q&A to answer any questions the younger children had.

Finally Group Four made up an MC about the school and teachers in the school. They split the children into smaller groups, helped them to try and learn it, then say it back to each other. They then engaged them in conversations about the teachers, who does what, what a head of year does and what house groups are.


Finally they all came together, ran a Q&A session with the young primary students and asked what they liked and didn’t like throughout there session.

Sarah Clark, Athlete mentor said:

I feel an immense amount of pride in our young people. The teacher involved and also the Headmaster of the secondary school came along and was delighted at the achievements of the group. My young people brought energy, enthusiasm and engagement to the sessions. I am very happy with the feedback session the young people went through to recognise the steps that they had taken and how they could improve. The energy the young people brought to the social action project was really fantastic!

We would like to say a big thank you to Investec for providing the funding that allowed this programme to take place.