We're really excited to be working with Sanctuary Supported Living to deliver four Get on Track for Employability programmes in Banbury, Brighton, Hartlepool and Weston-super-Mare. Sanctuary Supported Living’s foyers provides housing with support for vulnerable and homeless young people aged 16 to 25 and these programmes are designed to help participants prepare to enter the world of work and living independently.

The first programme started in Weston-super-Mare in March and is being led by Great Britain triple jumper Michelle Griffith-Robinson and former England footballer Jack Rutter:

"Week one was all about the team getting to know us and building their confidence whilst looking at achieving both collective & personal goals. We did this by running lots of team building games and we also had group discussions and they set their expectations of each other for the programme.

In week two we delivered some circuit training for the young people and it was inspiring to see the motivation levels increase & confidence levels go through the roof. We then talked about the local community, what were the good and the challenging aspects to it? What could they change for the better through a social action project? This was a brilliant discussion with everyone taking part and now we have some ideas to work with moving forward.

It's been a fantastic team effort so far and great to see some of the group leaders begin to shine through."

A week later, the group in Brighton started with former boxer Hannah Beharry and badminton star Fontaine Wright as the athlete mentors. Like the group in Banbury, the first week was all around team building and setting goals:

"Week one saw the group develop their communication and team building skills. For a lot of the young people, working in a big group was very daunting for them and they didn't have the confidence to share their thoughts and ideas, however by the end of the third day their confidence had definitely grown with each person contributing to the group.

The aim with a lot of the activities was to develop their communication skills, from giving ideas, to solving problems, to listening to each other. The young people have definitely learnt the value of listening and working together, seeing a real development of friendships in such a short time.

They were full of enthusiasm and remained open minded throughout which is a great start for the programme."


The final two programmes in Hartlepool and Banbury start in April and all run until the summer where support will also be offered beyond the end of the six months, with tasks including the managing of benefits and budgeting to help residents move on to live as independently as possible.

The Get on Track programme is being funded through £60,000 from Sanctuary Group’s community investment fund, David Shaw, Sanctuary Supported Living’s Head of Service (North), said:

Get on Track is a fantastic initiative and we are proud to be working with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust to deliver it to our residents. We are committed to supporting young adults to reach their potential and become independent and this programme is an integral part of that.