Not content with helping the Trust orchestrate a change in it’s delivery model from face to face to online delivery in her day job as Operations Manager, Sarah Gray has also helped out three local organisations by putting her sewing expertise to good use and making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for them.

“I’ve been into sewing for a long time now, I find it really helps me relax and de-stress, I’m the kind of person who absolutely loves a quilting festival! I have a small online sewing business called Frankie’s Enchanted Friends that makes ‘Imaginative Play Outfits’ so I have a fair bit of experience when it comes to a needle and thread.  I first got involved with making PPE through an organisation I saw on Facebook a few weeks ago called For the Love of Scrubs. My sister in law works at a local care home and about the same time as I saw the group, she mentioned to me that they didn’t have any PPE when working and I thought this was something I could help with. Literally overnight I had about 15 requests from the care home for different types of packages including masks, headbands and scrub bags.


My local pharmacy only had paper masks so I made fabric masks which are better and they can re-use. I’ve also completed a full set of scrubs for the local hospital which has been an experience. Making the first set has probably taken 12-15 hours because you need to create the template from scratch and obviously the quality needs to be really high if they’re going to be used in hospital. This is where the Trust have been really good. We all get three volunteer days a year which we can use to support charities or organisations we believe in – I wouldn’t have had time to make all these in my own time if it wasn’t for the Trust letting me use a couple of those days. I’m not the only one helping out, Ane in the Operations team has been furloughed but is also making PPE and has also volunteered for her local NHS which is amazing.

In total I’ve made 40 different pieces of PPE now and I’m certainly going to be carrying on. It’s amazing to see an ‘army of people’ all over the country pulling together to create this equipment. Facebook can be a tough place at times, especially with all the news about coronavirus, but For the Love of Scrubs is a lovely community and it’s turned my Facebook feed from something that was full of negative stories to something positive which I’m proud to be part of.”